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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> say oh god don't be attacking obama. well, it's obama that's responsible for this fear in america. >> bill: big time entertainment mogul steve scorches president obama saying that big business fears his administration. but is that true? we'll have analysis. >> no, no, no. oh. things are tight in britain between anti-rupert -- we'll have the latest on that. >> did you ever cheat in school. >> i never cheated on a test but homework. >> yes to be honest. >> john stossel on cheating and charles krauthammer on what happens if sarah palin enters the presidential race. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. does big business fear president obama? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first of all, i'm not going to report all the minutia surrounding the debt debate. most of it is nonsense and doesn't affect you at all. most in government believe some debt deal will get done. that's speculation if anything concrete happens the factor will report it immediately. even if the debt ceiling is raised, and the feds drastically cut spending, the economy will remain at risk. that's because some american business people fear president obama's policies and are not hiring or investing as a result. entertainment mogul steve wynn put forth that point of view on a company conference call. >> a president that seems, you know, that keeps using that word redistribution. my customers and the customers that provide the vitality for
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the hospitality in the restaurant industry in the united states of america, they are frightened of this administration. the guy keeps making speeches about redistribution. and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don't invest, they are holding too much money. you know, we haven't heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists. >> bill: now, whether you agree with mr. wynn's assessment or not, there is the perception on wall street that mr. obama is primarily interested in social justice and not capitalism. therefore, some private businesses are hunkering down, not expanding hiring and investing. most americans well understand the economy is bad and the future is not bright. in order to win re-election, mr. obama to change that outlook. he has to first convince big business that he will help them and second convince every day americans that he will impose discipline on government spending and drop the redistribution stuff. spht president doesn't do those things the american economy will get worse no matter what happens with the debt debate. talking points does not believe in the forced redistribution of
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wealth. but federal safety nets for children, the elderly and the ill are a must. you have to have them in a fair society. but president obama has made a major mistake by trying to take assets away from certain americans and give them to other americans. that's against our economic system. and it has been a disaster. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, even in the face of big business, opposing some of mr. obama's policies he was able to raise $48 million in just three months. why are so many americans committed to reelecting the president. joining us now from fox news, texas, -- >> i'm impressed with his fundraising but i'm not all that impressed. remember, the president raised $48 million for himself and about $38 million for the dnc. he did so he by holding 31 fundraising events, attending 31 fundraising dinners, receptions
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or luncheons over the past three months. every three days the president has had a fundraiser. having been inside the white house, that's a big chunk of the president's time to go get on an airplane, "fox news live" some place, do another event in order to give it a nonofficial cost to it, then go do the fundraiser and fly back to washington. he has done these in nine states. he can't keep up that pace. there aren't that many places in america where you can too-million-dollar fundraisers. look, you go to new york as he has six times. how many more times can you go to new york and have a million-dollar fundraiser. almost half his money came from a handful. several hundred-dollar dread bundlers. the president just can't keep up that pace. the second thing is he has a weakness in his donors. if you take a look at it, he heralds the fact he got 260,000 new donors, that means 290,000 people renewed their support of his presidential campaign. that's less than 7% of the nearly 4 million people who donated to him four years ago. that's a third to a quarter to
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what he should have expected to renew their support in first quarter. the "the washington post" picked up on it and said he has extraordinarily high fundraising expenses and mail expenses. i think it's because there is a weakness among the donors. look, i was impressed but the president can't keep it up. nor, can he reach his goal. remember they raised about $87 million they said they wanted to raise a billion dollars over the course of the campaign in order to do that between the reelect and the dnc, they would have to raise $183 million on average for each of the five and a half quarters left before the election day. if he was to match four years ago $745 million. he would have to raise $183 million for each of those next five quarters. he will hit that sometimes. is he not going to hit it consistently and i don't think he is going to hit it on average. >> bill: here is what i don't understand. most of the money is coming from fat cats now, i believe in new york and l.a., right?
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correct? fat cats? they are not regular folks who funded his campaign last time on the internet. >> and they are finite number of those. >> all right. look. steve wynn, the guy you just heard from. he is a democrat. he supported harry reid in nevada. right? now, wynn knows reid is a power in the state and all that i don't think is he an ideological guy. he wants to make money. okay. he does not like and i don't believe he he is alone. the antibusiness climate some perceive president obama is fostering. why would the fat cats want to give the president four more years when he has done such a poor job on the economy. >> well, look at the fat cats who make this up. a lot of them are hollywood and hollywood actors and hollywood entertainment figures. >> bill: why are they supporting him rank ideology? >> because they are liberal. large number of trial lawyers. and, look, the traditional liberal donor base. look, i repeat. i'm impressed but i'm not all that impressed, remember. he raises less than half the
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money he needs to. >> trial lawyers like president obama because they don't believe is he going to institute tort reform like they did in texas. >> killed medical liability reform as part of the affordable care act. remember, in july of 2009, during a speech to the congress, he says i will take a look at it, and then two weeks later comes up and basically says we will increase -- we will give some grants out for states for patient safety programs. a state only states that have not passed medical liability form can apply for these funds. which is like sticking his finger in the eye of tort reformers. >> bill: he is not going to do anything to get the medical malpractice premiums down. the trial lawyers like that. not going to do tort reform where the loser pays in frivolous lawsuit. >> right. >> bill: he has the hollywood ideological people on his side. the lawyers on his side and unions on his side. you expect unions to pump over a lot of the union dues to his campaign. >> and he has got people as we saw some of his bundlers include
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big government contracts the head of sales which has now been adopted. >> exactly. those people are getting the contracts. >> green energy people. >> almost a stalemate. the wynn people and wall street people don't like him. broker house don't like him he does have all those regulations. it's almost a wash, right? >> no. look at the end of the day, most of the business community's money is going to go to that are not liberals are going to go to either the republican candidate for president or they are going to sit on the sidelines. the president's policies, his rhetoric, his lack of knowledge about how the private system works and its outreach to the business community are all failing to varying degrees particularly his policies and as a result the business community not going to be excited about him. >> all right. mr. rove thanks as always. we appreciate it chaos in london as murdock news corporation. what happens if sarah palin gets in the presidential race. charles krauthammer has some thoughts on that and we're coming right back.
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correspondent amy kellogg who is following the story closely. do the folks over there, the folks, the regular people, do they care about this big press battle? >> bill, i don't think there is a simple answer to that. there certainly are people who are loyal readers of rupert murdoch's newspapers here and they will continue to be and i think they probably always assumed that there were some unethical practices used behind those screaming headlines that make you want to run out and buy those papers. there are people who have been outraged by the hacking. it started out years ago as you know with the phones of celebrities and royals and i think people thought that was somewhat amusing. when it came to hacking into the phones of murder victims and terrorist victims, people, there were people who were quite outraged by that and called in to put pressure on people who were buying advertisements in the papers. and so advertisers pulled out. and then also, bill, there is the other aspect here which is, it's gone beyond media it's now
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touching the police. it's touching government at the highest level. >> bill: it's going up and up and on. >> people are concerned. >> bill: historically the press in england has a relationship. as they do in washington with the power people there was a hacking of a little girl, right? that really galvanized the folks around the story, a little english girl. tell us about that. >> right. that was back in 2002, 2003. and mille dowler went missing. during the period in which she was missing -- she was ultimately murdered. in that period allegedly news of the world hired a private detective to hack into her voice mail supposedly to delete some messages and free up space so they could tap into potential new leads, people calling that voice mail. that not only is said to have affected the investigation but it led mille dow ler's family alive longer than she was. it was assumed that she this
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deleted those messages. that upset people quite a lot for very obvious reasons. that and rupert murdoch himself has addressed that issue several times including today saying he was ahauled when he heard about that and he did personally go meet with the dowler family on friday to offer his apology. >> bill: that will anger folks. last question, amy, let you go. i know have you been working all day long. is cammeron, the prime minister going to be affected by this directly? >> well, a lot of people are saying, bill, that he is on the back leg at this point because he hired andy coulson who was a former news of the world editor as his chief of communications after coulson had real signed from news of the world amidst of phone hacking drama a few years ago. coulson said he had no knowledge of that practice going on but a lot of people are saying that cammeron made an error of judgment in hiring coulson. so he is being forced repeatedly to defend himself on that. of course, the opposition labor party is taking good advantage of the situation and using it as a platform from which to --
8:15 pm
david cammeron. >> that's what's going on in the united states as well, amy. thank you very much. now some analysis on the situation. joining us from washington. dr. nile gardner. senior fellow at the heritage foundation. as mentioned amy, people are exploiting this situation. it is a bad situation. anybody who broke the law should be held responsible. everybody knows that journalists are citizens, too. we break the law, we should be held responsible for it. but here in the united states, there isn't any intrusion of this story thus far on news corps properties. none. yet, you have the "new york times" absolutely running wild with the story. front page, front page, front page, column, column, column. vicious stuff, vicious stuff. and it's all ideological, is it not? >> you know, i think we all -- we are seeing, bill, the beginning of richard murdock and news corporation here in the yalts. we now have the rumblings of several congressional committees threatening to hold hearings
8:16 pm
into allegations of phone hacking, into the accounts of the american citizens. i have to say. >> bill: let me just say that was allegedly done by news of the world british people not american people. >> yeah. >> bill: correct me if i am wrong, there is not one employee of the news corporation implicated in any of. this that's absolutely right. there is not a shred of evidence whatsoever that the u.s. side of news corporation has been involved in any of these scandals hitting britain at this time an allegation has been made by the daily mirror that journalists of news of the world may have hacked into the phone accounts of some u.s. citizens. again, that is a claim made against the news of the world. there is no real evidence to back it up either. >> bill: you used to work for margaret thatcher, correct? >> yes, that's correct. >> correct me if i am wrong, but there is a difference between fleet street where these newspapers in london are located
8:17 pm
and american journalism. isn't there a big difference? >> yeah. we did have a far more aggressive press in the united kingdom. it's also a press that is far less deferential towards politicians. i would describe the british press as probably the freest on the face of the earth. it would be very unfortunate, i think, if the wake of this news of the world scandal that we see a whole new wave of regulation coming in limiting the freedom of the british press. >> bill: if money is changing hands and people are being bought and scotland yard booted the investigation as it looks like they did, and influence was pedaled all over the place and laws were broken, don't you think there should be some more oversight over there? >>. no i think we have rules in place in the united kingdom to deal with illegal activity by journalists. we have seen a whole array of journalists being accepted. several police officers are bribed in the scandal. we could see the resignation of some senior government figures. there is real accountability in
8:18 pm
place. we don't need new regulations which will end up making the british press like the french press, for example, where the media is extremely deferential towards politicians in power. the british press is overwhelmingly free. there are a few rotten apples here clearly that we have seen with regard to the news of the world scandal. but, the vast majority of british journalists are highly ethical in their behavior. and i would hate to see a clamp down on press freedom in the united kingdom in the wake of this terrible scandal. >> bill: doctor, thanks so much as always. huge cheating scandal in atlanta as school officials try to deceive the government will testing there. crowley, colmes and stossel going to deal with it. then, why is the federal government spending tens of millions of dollars on steroid investigations that lead nowhere? is it legal on the case coming up. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, many of us believe there san epidemic of lying and cheating going on in earthquake in. the judeo-christian mandates to tell the truth and compete fairly apparently receding in the u.s.a. in atlanta, georgia, there are allegations that close to 200 teachers and principals in the public school system engage in cheating by altering test scores higher in order to make their schools appear more effective. with us now to analyze that scandal and the epidemic of lying in america, our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. what do you think is going on here. >> i'm not sure it's an epidemic any more than ever. what happened in atlanta is terrible. it's not the kids it's the teachers and principals. >> you think that's business as usual. >> i'm a liberal and defend this? no. >> bill: what's driving that? >> i think i don't care that
8:23 pm
there is a globalization of this that there something bigger than that something bad that's happening. >> bill: just something bad. >> this portends. >> bill: 200 teachers. this is bad. did they all catch the cheating be? i'm trying to get you to be cogent. >> no. >> bill: colmes, would it surprise that you 9 a% of american high school students have admitted cheating according to a study by the university of connecticut 95%? >> that's one study. that seems like an awful lot of people. so what are we trying to make the case that america is going to hell in a hand basket. >> lying and cheating is an epidemic worse than ever before in this country. look back in this country. all kinds of sandals going back to the teapot dome. every decade sandals lying and cheating. all of a sudden a big epidemic. >> bill: all warren hiding's
8:24 pm
law. >> culture that's got to be it. >> take a breath. >> go back even further and say lying and cheating began with the fall of man in the garden of eden. pea pot not too recent. >> they do lie about the snake. they told me the apple ate the apple. they didn't lie about it. >> that leads to all kinds of bad stuff, right? including what we are seeingn atlanta. what makes this scandal particularly horrifying is look kids have been cheating since the beginning of time. >> bill: not 9 a% of them. >> some kids. let me put it that way. you were right to say that the averages are probably going up in this country. >> bill: look, when you have 95%. we have stossel. wait until you hear what these kids say. when you have 95% in a study, by a secular university. this isn't notre dame or something like that. you have an epidemic here. i can tell you that children see lying and cheating much differently than when we were growing up.
8:25 pm
>> yes. because they see it as an easy ticket to getting what they want. >> bill: no, no, no. that's wrong. they see there are no consequences to doing it. that's what's going on. >> easy ticket as getting into the college they want. getting into the school they want. >> bill: but there aren't any consequences. stopping them from doing it. >> you are right. but the two are not mutually exclusive. it's taking a shortcut because they know there are not going to be any cobs sequences. do you believe that 9 a% of kids cheat? do you believe that? >> bill: i would put the number at 85, probably. >> you believe that. >> these kids today are not as good as when i was a kid. when i was a kid things were better. things are great then. >> bill: dunder head. it's about how you are taught. look, once the public school system embraced secularism, moses and his crew. >> secularism. >> bill: yeah with the 10 commandment wrls banished. >> we live in a secular society. >> bill: used to be the
8:26 pm
judeo-christian ethics were taught their used to be ethics classes. no longer. that's what happened? >> you are right about that. >> bill: thank you. >> also the role of parenting. >> bill: parents cheat and lie too. >> look. the lesson of this atlanta scandal is exactly what colmes is pointing out. the kids were engaged in the cheating but they were directed by the 44 school systems and the 200 teachers and principals who are supposed to be not only the educators but the moral guides for these kids. >> bill: so you agree with me that this is an epidemic? >> i think it's getting worse, yeah, i do. >> bill: but you don't? >> i went use the word epidemic. >> bill: what word would you use. >> look at everything as an individual issue. you want to tie everything together and make it a globalization of how terrible the society is. >> bill: trend toward lying and cheating in this country. very well established. >> i think you had it right should be go back to the garden of eden. >> bill: always been there but much worse now. >> serve the purposes of culture
8:27 pm
warriors who take the world is going to hell in a hand basket. parents and kids today and boy things were better when i was young. >> bill: last word. >> i think with the proliferation of media. >> the media did it, the liberal media. >> kids out there see people in authority, whether it's the president, whether it's members of congress, anthony weiner, or barack obama saying i'm going to. >> democrats, of course. >> explodes it out of control or they see o.j. simpson walking away after committing a double homicide getting away with it. casey anthony. they are learning the lesson of what they see out there in the culture from the media. constantly thinking, hey, i could get away with it too. >> learning from a politician -- >> bill: all has to do with the way they are educated at home and the plun schools. crowley, colmes, thank you. plenty more ahead. john stossel on more on the cheating epidemic. went out more to students about it charles krauthammer on whether sarah palin will have a major effect on the presidential race if she gets in. we hope you stay tuned to those
8:28 pm
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight, with so many adults sheeting and lying, what do students think about it? did. >> did you ever cheat in school? >> actually, -- >> i can tell you did. >> only a little bit. i never cheated on a test or an exam but homework. >> you have cheated? >> i plead the fifth. >> you have cheated? >> i would never cheat. >> oh, manual, have have your friends cheated? >> i don't think so. >> you are the only person who said this. >> yeah. i'm a good student. [ laughter ] >> cheat in school? >> yeah, to be honest, yes. >> and you don't seem ashamed. >> i don't seem ashamed because it's just the way our society and school system has become. kids in general we all kind of do and it all kind of help each other cheat to be honest. >> bill: at least he is not lying. cheating but not lying here now fox business anchor john stossel
8:32 pm
see him on thursdays on fbn. that's antidotal the school for ethical education in milford, connecticut and the university of connecticut finds that 95% of high school students say they have cheated in the past year. that's an amazing stat. >> that's high. i was amazed these kids not only said they cheated but said it with a tv camera there. >> bill: as i said to crowley and colmes there is no sanctions anymore for that. >> if you get caught there are sanctions. >> bill: do you really believe there are sanctions if you get caught. >> you keep saying anymore, it's like crotchety conservatives saying the good old days were great and now it's terrible. >> bill: about how society trends and what's acceptable. >> we have no evidence that the trend is down. >> bill: 95%? come on. >> having done it once. >> bill: no. 9 a% say they have cheated in the past year. >> once cheated. >> bill: it could be 100 times, stossel. >> it could be one time. you are right, but maybe that's
8:33 pm
always been true. >> bill: it hasn't been. >> last week you and laura ingraham were going on the culture is going down. but, violence is down. teen violence is down. teen pregnancies are down. >> bill: reported violence is down. >> murders are down. robbery, rapes. serious stuff. >> bill: there is reason for that though. >> life is getting better. we will see about that but, listen, what about this? if 95% cheated in the past year, 57% of those who cheated told this study that they believe it's morally wrong but did it anyway. what does that say? >> that says the rewards outdid the threat of getting punished. and, look, cheating is easier than doing the work. some kids will always do that. i would argue that if had you a market in education, instead of the government monopoly, then it would be harder to cheat because the parents know if the kids are learning. it would be harder to get away with this stuff. >> bill: a lot of parents are so busy lying and cheating they
8:34 pm
don't know what's going on. >> bill: did you go to public school? >> did i. >> when you were in high school, was there any ethical teaching? was there any judy deo christian tenets taught? did you know about moses and the ten commandments? was any of that presented at all. >> nothing in my school. >> bill: nothing like that? >> nothing. >> it's was basically we're not going to get into right and wrong in the history of our country in the tradition of our country, what's acceptable and what's not acceptable. we're north going to get into that? >> at my high school, i don't remember them doing that. the idea that that's taught that's going to change things. >> bill: wait, wait. wait. if you have a stigma, attached to certain behavior, it's less likely that the masses will do that behavior. once the stigma is removed from lying and cheating in this case, bingo. and then the media as was pointed out glorifies a lot of this stuff. the combination is devastating for children. that's my theory. i will give you the last word. >> the stigma will always be there. it comes from the parents.
8:35 pm
schools can barely. >> bill: you mean the parents who are lying and cheating? >> the parents need to teach the kids. of course, some do and some don't. >> the schools can barely teach reading and writing. are you going to have them teach ethics, too? >> bill: i am. that. >> will be another boondoggle. >> not if i'm teaching it stossel. >> you and a lot of homework for you. >> lots of homework. >> yes, mr. o'reilly. >> when we come right back, is it legal on the federal government spending about $60 million reportedly trying to convict guys like roger clemens and barry bonds on steroids beefs. later, a chihuahua confronts some armed robbers in california. wait until you see this. those reports after these messages. it all happened so fast. it was clearly too late for me to do anything as my mercedes collision system automatically kicked in. the next thing i know, the mercedes stopped itself. ♪ watching what mercedes has done in bringing together these sensors in a car
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment. three rather disturbing stories. the federal government spending
8:39 pm
millions of dollars trying to nab barry bonds and mark mcgwire on steroids charges. what do we get for our money, wiehl. >> we get to see to our kids if you cheat and you lie you are going to at least be charged and you may have to go to jail. but the problem is we have spent millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars on all these prosecutions. we have prosecuted, we being the government have prosecuted 11 people for a total grand total of less than three years in jail for awful these people. >> bill: most of these people got very short sentences. tens of millions of dollars. >> all about lying. >> bill: i know. i like the message as we had earlier in the program. we van epidemic of lying and cheating in this country and government has to set some standards. but the government walks in and boots it on the robert clemens thing. why was that thrown out in the first ten seconds. >> give it two days. first two days. >> bill: why was it thrown out. >> the government tried to back door in evidence. >> bill: i don't want that exactly what did the lawyer do wrong? >> the lawyer tried to bring in evidence about what andy pettitte, a former teammate of
8:40 pm
clemens' wife had said. >> bill: in the opening statement. >> in the opening statement but, worse, in a videotape in that second day of testimony. >> right. >> it was horrible. >> bill: showed the videotape to the jury. >> worse than that, they showed the videotape, the judge stopped it, made his own motion stopping it. >> who was on the videotape. >> representative elijah cummings. >> a representative talking about laura petit. >> bill: what representative? >> representative. >> bill: congress person? >> elijah cummings. >> they showed the jury a tape of a congress person talking about andy andy pettitte's wife? >> right. double hearsay. >> why did thean rage the judge so he cancelled the evidence. >> this was evidence that was specifically ruled to be inadmissible and inappropriate. >> bill: by whom. >> by the judge. not allowed to come into evidence in advance. >> bill: the judge told the prosecutor don't use this evidence and the prosecutor did it anyway? >> right. because he was showing. >> bill: are you sure. >> i'm 100% positive. >> bill: why is that prosecutor still working for attorney
8:41 pm
general's justices? >> that's why the judge threw the whole case out and said we are starting over. >> bill: what did the prosecutor say. >> it was inadvertent. i will tell you specifically in the videotape you have this representative elijah cummings speaks and refers to the testimony laura petit's husband admission made by roger clemens to petit. >> bill: i got all of that. if the judge told the federal government. >> unaccept. >> >> bill: not to use it and they used it anyway, i don't understand that. >> well, no. that's why the case is thrown out. the judge said a first year law student would know better. >> bill: no excuse. >> sorry. >> bill: so we waste. >> it's our money. >> our money. millions of dollars on this clemens things alone. >> the judge says to holder's guy, all right? because holder is the attorney general don't use this and he uses it anyway and they throw it out. >> absolutely outraged. >> for now.
8:42 pm
it may come back. >> bill: wonder why don't we don't have any money in this country. >> now the defense attorneys don't want them to retry it but i bet they. >> gym teacher? >> yes. >> where is this. >> this is in ohio. >> bill: she is charged with having sex with five high school boys, right? >> yes. and the ages have not been given of the boys but all football players and high school students. >> gym teacher charged with five. same school, okay? and now she says she is not guilty, this gym teacher because she is insane? >> yes. she changed her plea. all of a sudden oh, i don't know what happened and these boys are the ones that should be in trouble she said because they are the ones that took advantage of her mental condition. >> bill: she is 33, right? >> yes. she is 33. >> bill: i don't know mental condition she says she was impaired. >> bill: does that mean she was drunk? >> mentally impaired. the defense doesn't say drug or alcohol. other things are brought into the case are showing that she actually provided the alcohol. so she was impaired. >> bill: let me get this
8:43 pm
straight. woman charged with five sex offenses. says she was impaired and she is insane. >> admits saying i'm insane. >> i didn't know right from wrong. >> i didn't know right from wrong but i'm teaching high school. >> absolutely. >> not anymore she is not. >> yeah. she was teaching and put on application for the job i am insane and don't know right from wrong. >> she might have gotten hired. >> yeah, union break. >> a ruse. 81 years behind bars. >> bill: real quick, wiehl, a guy in jail tells the authorities don't resuscitate me if i have a heart attack or whatever. they do he sues. >> this is ridiculous case. a cell mate sees him in the middle of the night cell mate yells out hey, he is not breathing this guy daniel self. they resuscitate him. they don't bother looking at his medical records.
8:44 pm
>> where is this? what prison? >> sterling, colorado. >> he is in-for life? >> he wants to die. resuscitate and sues. >> little brace or ankle or whatever. >> is he in jail for life. >> wrist hurts. money too. more wasted tax dollars. >> a report says sarah palin might well run for president. charles krauthammer will react to that report as the factor continues. host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party? man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam
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8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, columnist writes today that sarah palin may very well run for president. ms. adams citing the
8:48 pm
government's that she is preparing for the fray. joining us from washington to analyze that possibility and also the rick perry factor fox news analyst charles krauthammer. so if governor palin does get into the race, what happens? >> it gets very interesting it gets very complicated. and the row boat gets very crowded. bodies are going to start to go overboard. you look at the latest polls, you have got only four candidates, potential candidates in double digits. you got romney at 25. bachman at 14. palin at 12. perry at 10. now, if you look that means that if palin enters the race, she and balkman are going to fight it out for mostly the same constituency, that is not a question of sexism or gender. it's a question of who their constituencies are they are both strong with the tea party. bachmann is the head of the caucus and the house. palin, of course, supported it.
8:49 pm
very strong among tea partiers, exploited that used that to her advantage and helping a lot of candidates in the midterm elections. so if you add up their percentages, they are roughly equal to romney. one of them would emerge as the major opponent. and right now. >> bill: i think you are right. i don't think sarah palin is going to take any votes away from mitt romney. >> exactly. >> it's a whole different constituency. >> right now michele bachmann and we have a report on her tomorrow because there was some little thing in south carolina that we are trying to sort out right now before we report it we don't want to put on erroneous information involving an abc news correspondent. michele bachmann has some momentum, particularly in iowa where she is a favorite daughter, born there. and i -- look, cindy adams is often right about what she puts on paper. and so you have to take the seriously that she mentioned that she believes that she is going to jump in. but i agree with you that if
8:50 pm
sarah palin does jump in, palin and bachmann pretty much neutralize each other and romney benefits. >> well, exactly. it's as in the poll. they split that constituency. you would imagine that if palin were to stay out that would increase the bachmann vote. >> bill: no doubt about it. >> bill: who is stronger palin or bachmann? >> it's interesting. if you would have asked anybody six months ago you would know what the answer would have been. bachmann is a phenomenon. it's sort of like the phenomenon that we had in 2008 with huckabee who was unknown. he was i with a down in the polls. he performs well in a couple of debates. all of a sudden is he a first tier candidate. that is the story in almost every cycle. somebody comes out of the pack. she has, now she came out really early. it was only in one debate. we have to see if she might have peeked early. now expectations are really high for bachmann.
8:51 pm
nobody would have said three months ago she has to win iowa. i think now the expectation is she wins iowa. >> bill: right. frontrunner, sure. >> if she doesn't, it's going to look like a defeat. >> bill: it would be. she should win iowa, that caucus. >> rick perry, texas, indicating that he will jump in the race he is a threat to mitt romney, correct? >> i think he is. there is going to be somebody coming out of the existing pack. that will be one contender against romney. perry, i think, on his own could be the other contender. it would be three-way race. he comes in as a man obviously with a lot of experience as a governor. executive experience. he is strong with the social conservatives. and texas has had a good record. 37% of all the new jobs in the recovery have been in texas. and he has got a lot of money. you put that all together, you have got a serious contender against romney. i think it becomes a three way race. >> bill: both of their hair looks the same.
8:52 pm
somebody might get mixed up. >> presidential hair. >> bill: got the hair going on there. >> presidential hair of the reagan. >> bill: the reagan hair. all right. so are you going to predict that perry will jump in? >> absolutely go. with that one. perry is in. becomes a three person race then. perry, romney, and whoever emerges from the palin, bachmann but most likely congresswoman because sarah palin, good chance she doesn't get in because of the very reason that her constituency is split now. >> right. >> all right, charles, always interesting, thank you very much. pinheads and patriots ahead. starring chihuahua confronting robbers. got to see this video. p and p moments away. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots starring a brave chihuahua in a moment. >> but first, summer sale in motion. discounts galore if you sign up as a premium member. all the proceeds i get are donated to charity. everything we have is on salement. >> now the mail: >> bill: what i said is true.
8:56 pm
republicans don't want to give money to anyone. to give money. they want a for economic prosperity as bill points out. for prosperity. see, give to, structure for. . >> bill: do you want to be fair? the president compromised when he extended the bush tax rate last fall. >> bill: not entirely. right now the gop is stronger on the overall economy than the democrats polls show that. once the debt thing gets done, i believe most americans will evaluate which party has a better strategy going forward.
8:57 pm
>> bill: because she would be profiting from the murder of her baby, sir. an abomination. >> bill: it makes the journey
8:58 pm
fly by is what i'm hearing. so check out the audio. >> bill: miller often wanders around the desert. so you might check that out many meantime check out on the tour which is about to launch. >> finally, pinheads and patriots in southern california. two armed robbers entered a store -- demanding money. that did not sit well with paco. >> hurry up! [ dog barking ] >> hurry up! [ dog barking ] >> bill: i hope paco took a chunk out of that guy. obviously the chihuahua is a patriot. >> in chicago massive 26 foot tall marilyn monroe statue has
8:59 pm
been unveiled. based on the scene from "the seven year itch." this exposition is pinheaded, 26 feet tall. that is 19 -- i don't know, taller than i am. that is it for us. check out the website different from spout off from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day when writing to the factor, do not be a cox comb. never a good thing. thanks for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly remember the -- remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc.

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